The Dalai Lama said that if we could teach every child to meditate, we would eliminate violence from the world in one generation.​

Can you imagine a school where students and teachers are calm, compassionate and ready to learn?

I work to bring the many scientifically proven benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation to your school


Improved Behaviour


Increased Learning


Better Overall Wellness & Attendance

The techniques I use are non religious and are accessible to all whatever their personal belief system. I focus on easy to practice teachings so that teachers and students will naturally want to adopt and experience the far reaching benefits of mindfulness and meditation, both at school and home.


Sessions are conducted on-site at each schools premises. The classes are held in a quiet classroom with participants sitting in chairs or on the floor. Participants may wear traditional or casual business attire. I can work with groups and individuals and am fully CRB checked.


Contact me NOW to find out more about how I will help your school to 


Reduce stress in pupils and teachers, increase mental concentration, clarity and awareness


Enhance learning and communication


Improve test results


Navigate conflict with less explosive behaviour patterns


Improve overall health and wellbeing

I also offer one on one sessions for individual adults and children from my lovely meditation studio in Ware, Hertfordshire. Send me a message now to find out more and make your booking.


"My daughter (aged 8) suffered with poor concentration and anxiety, which was disrupting her classmates and driving her teacher a bit mad, as well as holding her back with her learning.


She was so difficult at home too and the whole family was miserable about the constant meltdowns. I wasn't expecting much, because we had already tried so many different things and I was sure my daughter wouldn't even be able to sit still long enough to meditate at all, but I was so wrong!


After just 2 sessions my daughter has learned how to calm herself down and meditate on her own and she absolutely loves it.


The difference in her has been noticed at school and at home we are now enjoying peaceful family time at last, my daughter has taught both her siblings how to meditate too and it melts my heart to watch them doing this together, when previously they could barely be in the same room as one another without chaos descending.


My relief is overwhelming, I am just so glad that my daughter has found her happy place and we both look forward to more sessions with Charlotte. I cannot recommend this enough, it should be taught to every child!"


—  SF - Parent